Implications of IP issues in eLearning

The tools used for teaching and learning and strategies to be adopted for better development of e-content is emphasized the need for co-operation with Information technology department of the organization. Business segments like technology, content and services are given in detail with the issues in e-Learning. The Intellectual property (IP) issues are discussed for copyright, infringement, digitized course materials, the web environment, use of name and marks, editing the content, copyright clearance, handling technical problems and risk management. Special emphasis has been given to the consortium mode of e-learning like interoperability issues, licences, agreements and contracts, rights of use, jurisdiction, enforcement, geographical considerations with risk involved. The future is web based learning by using better tools and techniques, to have timely results for economic, cultural and social development.



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Research Paper on Intellectual Property Right: Copyright in cross-Border E-Learning Projects :
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Learning Material on IP on eLearning

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What is Intellectual Property?

Gobal Intellectal Property Acedamy Presentation:
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Research Papers

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