This page will describe what we do, our research interests and what we expect to get from, and give to the study unit in e-Learning MSC4109.


Vanessa Camilleri

Role: Assistant Lecturer

Interests: My interests are primarily in education and how different aspects of technology, tools and media affect the way we teach and more importantly the way we learn. The tools and media which interest me most are Virtual Worlds, games and serious games, as well as social networking. What I find fascinating is the development of informal learning mechanisms which operate when we, as learners go through 'just-in-time' learning. I also believe that teachers and educators, should be 'technology connectors' - which means that as educators we become connection points as we urge our learners to experiment with new media and tools, and investigate new technologies in order to reach a higher form of understanding based upon inquiry and investigation.
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Favourite quote:
"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." -- John Cotton Dana

My expectations for this study unit is to gain more experience and insights into e-Learning, not just from a pedagogic perspective but also from a technical perspective. I have lots of information which I can share with students but I also expect that they will have a lot to teach me too, possibly through this Wiki and other tools.


Lara M. Camilleri

Role: Student

Interests: My interests are mainly in education and how to teach using technology and innovation by using a variety of resources. I am interested in the psychological aspects of students since I believe that this is the key to get through to students effectively and help them to understand, think and participate in the lesson. I believe that Web 2.0 offers a lot of material which we as educators can exploit for the students' benefits. A lot can be gained from using these resources wisely and I am eager to learn innovative ways in which to do so.

I am also deeply interested in arts especially music, in particular singing and playing the piano, not just as an amateur but also as a professional when it comes to singing. I consider myself both an arts and science (technology) person and without one of these aspects I am not complete. I am thus particularly interested in how arts and technology meet in the form of digital art (especially in the sense of GUI, colour schemes and patterns).

Favourite quote:

"It's when things go wrong that you musn't quit" - Anonymous

I am also very fond of this poem by Rudyard Kipling, 'If-' which I believe has a lot to teach us.

(since it is rather long, here is a link: )


By means of this study-unit I expect to gain more knowledge and ideas on how to use e-learning effectively in the classroom. I am more interested in the pedagogic aspect of e-learning than the technical one, although I realise that a basic idea about the technicalities involved is vital.

I hope to explore how people around the world make use of e-learning and hope to be inspired by them and hence be able to use my imagination to combine some of these ideas and to also produce new ones so that I can make use of them in the classroom. I also wish to contribute interesting links and ideas which I am already finding through Twitter.


Elaine Pullicino

Role: Student

Interests: I am deeply interested in the uses of technology as an efficient pedagogical tool to facilitate the student’s learning experience and to motivate the students to discover and learn. I believe that technology provides an ideal platform where one can guide students on the essential aspects of a topic, and provide them with the tools to experiment and use their creative talents.

Another interest that I have been cultivating is in Computer Aided Learning, through which students can investigate a topic deeper outside the classroom environment, without the need of a teacher to be beside him/her. Indeed, I am really fascinated by how a collaborative and student supported Computer Aided Learning environment allows students to help each other out and by how they create, share, ask questions and answer each other.

The result of these interests has kindled a deep interest in different teaching methodologies. The different methodologies help form a sound pedagogical base that allows me to tailor my teaching methods to the students. I have linked this interest in different teaching methodologies to the other interests I have already mentioned in such a way that I try to make use of Web 2.0 technologies I come across to strengthen the learning experience of the students. I believe that this makes the lesson more valuable to the students and they can therefore take a more hands-on approach.

Technology interests me also from a practical aspect. I like systems analysis and development in particular. I believe that being proficient in the practical aspects of computing can help me to gain greater confidence in the subject thus I would be in a better position to help students in their practical work and offer them valuable tips from experience, rather than theoretical aspects of which I would have little or no experience at all.

In my personal life, I am very fond of voluntary work. Voluntary work provides me with the experience required to deal with my students. It allows me to understand students when they are troubled and to discretely find out what it is that troubles them. Voluntary work also gives me the required experience to be able to work in a group and share with staff colleagues. I believe that teamwork is very important and should be the basis of collaboration between teachers at school.

Favourite quote:
Teachers open the door, but you must enter by yourself - Chinese Proverb

I cannot tech anybody anything, I can only make them to think - Socrates

Which follows the qoute:
The important thing is not to stop questioning - Albert Einstein


Through this course I expect to learn how to make good use of e-learning during my lessons from the technical and practical point of view. Since I believe that technology will be a fundamental tool in the classrooms of tomorrow, I would want to be well-trained to use, and create, effective resources that have a sound pedagogical underpinning while at the same time be creative and fun for the students